Over 300 happy customers worldwide

Our AI-powered customer service is helping businesses of all sizes deliver faster, more accurate support

Some of the sectors we cover


Transform phone calls in high value leads as soon as they arrive, whenever they arrive. Provide 1-st level customer support


SaaS and consumer electronics. Our AI is helping tech companies scale their support operations

Real Estate

The AI identifies the most important calls, providing information and alerting the agent about who needs to be contacted first


From dentists to health insurance, our AI is helping healthcare companies provide empathetic, efficient customer service


From startups to public companies, our AI is helping businesses provide personalized, efficient support

Real-world examples

Improving response times by 80%

With our AI, companies have reduced non answered call from 30% to 0, increasing customer satisfaction and agent productivity

Reducing customer effort by 70%

Our AI has helped cut customer effort by 70%, leading to a 20% increase in CSAT scores and a 15% decrease in support ticket volume

Scaling support across all languages

Our customers are using our AI to provide multilingual support. Global customer service  with high-quality responses

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